Musicians from across Scotland and beyond are being encouraged to take part in a global Armistice Day concert for cooperation, reconciliation and peace.

Play for Peace aims to coordinate a series of ‘pop up’ concerts to take place across the world on the afternoon of 11th November with a specially commissioned piece, “Armistice”, being played at 16:00 CET.

“Armistice” was scored by Scottish fiddler Thoren Ferguson on the Wilfred Owen violin – made from a branch of a sycamore tree in the grounds of Craiglockhart, Edinburgh, the former First World War shell shock hospital where war poet Wilfred Owen convalesced.

WW1 violin


He will play the piece on the violin at Edinburgh Napier University’s Craiglockhart Campus, where the event will be staged, with musicians from around the world joining in through modern technology and social media. A screening of the concert from Craiglockhart Campus will be available.

How to get involved?

  • Can you play? Share a live stream using #iPlay4Peace at 4pm CET on 11 November 2018
  • Take a lead role in your own country in bringing together a local concert of co-operation
  • Encourage musicians to play “Armistice” at 4pm CET on 11 November 2018
  • Help spread the word using #Play4Peace and #Concert4Cooperation

Find out more about getting involved in the project here.