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The Black Watch Castle and Museum in Perth will be the first place in Scotland to host Poppies: Weeping Window by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper.

The installation, a cascade of several thousand handmade ceramic poppies originally seen pouring from a high window to the ground below at the Tower of London, will open at the museum on 30th June and run until 25th September 2016.

Poppies Weeping Window
Poppies: Weeping Window by Paul Cummins Artist and Tom Piper Designer

The breathtaking sculpture will flow from a second floor turret window and across the Castle grounds.

The installation is brought to the museum as part of the as part of  the 14-18 NOW programme, which commissions and showcases extraordinary new projects from all artforms that connect people with the First World War.

Black Watch Castle
The Black Watch Castle in Perth

During the First World War 50,000 men saw service with The Black Watch, Scotland’s premier Highland Regiment, in campaigns across the Western Front, Mesopotamia and Salonika.

The Black Watch has a long and distinguished history which can be traced back to 1739 and beyond, and The Black Watch Castle and Museum became its Regimental Headquarters in 1962.

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